Brisbane, Australia

Peter Wolff has been at the forefront of the coffee industry in Australia for more than thirty years, beginning his coffee journey in 1984. Recognised as one of few Master Roasters in Australia and as a pioneer and innovator of the Australasian coffee and tea industry.Wolff Coffee Roasters was set up in 2010 by Peter Wolff after he chose to launch a new coffee roasting business. With his focus squarely on flavour in the cup, sourced in a sustainable way; the ultimate goal is “to make specialty grade coffee available and approachable to every day coffee drinkers.”


Peter’s knowledge and reputation as an International Coffee Judge is in demand from industry professionals all around the world, having trained many of the roasters and baristas who are forging their futures in the coffee industry both in Australia and internationally. At the Wolff Röst Haus, they are able to roast a variety of coffees in multiple profiles. They consistently reproduce each roast, enhancing the unique characteristics of the beans origin. Careful attention to bean development and profiling ensures that each roast is perfect and is recorded and monitored by our state of the art, custom Roasting Software.


Their green coffee purchases are based on the cup quality of the coffee only, and are committed to doing all that they can to ensure that every person involved in the creation of your daily caffeine fix is treated with respect and dignity; and their attention to detail results in standout, multi award-winning coffees that satisfy all coffee types and drinking styles.

Please note that Wolff Coffee roast all your coffee fresh on Monday-Friday and dispatch same day.