Take Flight

Los Angeles, USA

Take Flight began 23 years ago in the mind of a young, wide-eyed barista in Australia. After he roasted coffee all over Europe, helping launch 3rd-wave companies, and building a deep network throughout East Africa, South America, and Central America, his wide eyes narrowed to a sharp focus: to develop an honest roasting style that produces consistently bright, bold, and sweet flavors. Deaton Pigot distilled the best of three great contemporary roasting traditions-Australian, Nordic, and American-into the soul of Take Flight Coffee.


Take Flight is about savoring the journey: celebrating the essence of the land, the singularity of the beans, and the care of the people involved, so that the adventure of each coffee comes out in the flavor. We are committed to producing a pure coffee experience, beginning at the farm, traveling through our roasting process in Los Angeles, and arriving whole and complete, in your hands.

Take Flight Coffee roasts Sundays and ship Monday.