Stitch Coffee

Sydney, Australia

Stitch Coffee was born of an idea that coffee is much like a tapestry – it is a weaving of origins and flavours to create a delicious cup. Stitch opened the doors to their roastery in 2015 and began the journey as a small Sydney roaster with large ambitions. The primary goal, to create meaningful connections through coffee.


Today they are still a company heavily focused on creating connections through coffee, from green bean importers, to everyday coffee drinkers and everyone in between. They assist cafes in up-skilling their baristas and teams, teaching them how to extract the perfect espresso and brew a delicious pour-over. Their love for coffee is fed by the daily home brewers and the cafes that serve their coffee. They continue to source coffee ethically from around the world and ensure that they have the ability to communicate this with the community. They are continuously evolving their buying practises and fostering relationships with importers and farmers to ensure a healthy future for coffee.

Please note that Stitch Coffee roast all your coffee fresh on Tuesday and dispatch Thursday.