Nashville, USA

At Steadfast Coffee Roasters create a unique and distinct roast profile for every coffee we ​have. We do so to accentuate it’s terroir, it’s varietal, and the special care the farmers themselves have put into the coffee. This allows the conversation to move away from a superficial “light” vs “dark” preferences to a more nuanced exploration of the complex flavors and qualities that define the coffee itself.


They cup nearly every batch of coffee that is roasted to ensure the quality of the seed has been maintained to dial in our profile as consistently as possible. We also celebrate the hard work that has come before us by using sustainable and relationship building sourcing practices with both farmers and importers.


They use Cafe Imports, Olam Specialty Coffee Importers, and Onyx Coffee Importers and trust everything they do between quality control and giving back to origins and farms. We roast on a Diedrich IR-12 because it allows us to fully develop the core of the seed while ensuring no flavor is lost through over roasting. While most commercial roasters use conductive and convective heat, the IR-12 add in radiant heat with the addition of heat exchangers running along the top of the roaster. This allows an even exothermic and endothermic cooking of the seed.


Their motto is ” Everything Well Considered”. While we do everything in our power to roast and serve the best coffee possible, coffee itself isnt actually the core of our company. It’s our guests. We want to nurture a sense of wonder through the guest experience and interaction with what we do. Whether you buy a bag of coffee online, visit our cafe, or just happen to live down the street from one, we hope you encounter our commitment to suprising hospitality, joy-rooted excellence, curious innovation and meaningful community.

Please note that Steadfast roast and ship Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.