Valladolid, Spain

This is Paloma and Marco, a Spanish and an Italian. Following many years living in London they decided to stop, reflect, look at things from a new perspectives and see where a new path would lead them.


That decision would take them on a long journey through different countries and continents. During this trip they were lucky to meet incredible and inspiring people who permeated them with their love for this amazing seed.


They decided to go back to their roots in Southern Europe and start this new project full of energy and enthusiasm. A life project, based on quality, attention to detail and to the small things, which brings together the best of their adventure and their life in London.


The roastery is located in the beautiful countryside of the Valladolid province. It’s an old warehouse converted and tranformed into a roasting, cupping, brewing and learning heaven. An alternative meeting venue, an urban scene immerged in the countryside.


Within this rural setting they select the best seasonal coffees, they roast them with care, they cup them and they bag them manually.

Please note that Puchero roast Monday and dispatch Tuesday/Wednesday.