Toffee apple, grape, cocoa, cinnamon

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Origin: Rwanda


Region: Ngororero Sitrict


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Toffee apple, grape, cocoa, cinnamon


Coffee Story: From the top of its 1616 meters above sea level and 90 km north from Kigali, Ngororero overlooks the Satinsyi river, circling around the Western

Valleys. With an average annual rainfall of 1,600 mm and the high-altitude hills, the coffee grows on sand clay soils, near the Gishwati natural forest.
The latter plays a key role in preserving the fauna and the flora of the region.Rwacof started operations at the station in 2013. A few years later, in
2018, Ngororero Central Washing Station won the Illy Award.The station offers 3 different processing methods: Fully washed, Natural and Honey.
Harvest generally funs from April to July. After being hand-picked, floated, washed and sorted, the coffee is dried on raised drying beds.Rwacof’s
Kahawatu Foundation and Farmer Hub initiative main role is to support coffee farming communities on an economic, social and agricultural
level.Among other projects, Rwacof offers GAP training to growers, providing closer access to basic products at a competitive price by opening retail
shops at the Central Washing Station – including Ngororero, help more than 14,000 farmers open bank accounts.


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