Honduras Maria Cruz Grapefruit, malt, orange peel, panela Suitable for: Filter & Espresso



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Origin: Honduras


Process: Washed


Region: Celaque, Lempira, Honduras


Notes: Grapefruit, malt, orange peel, panela


Storys: María started to cultivate coffee eleven years ago after her father gave to her land and a house in heritance.

She got married to Belarmino Molina, and together, besides growing their family by having seven children – five boys and two girls they also worked in the preparation of the land and learned all they could about coffee.

The first variety they planted was Lempira and time later were able to expand the farm with other varieties. All their hard work paid off and thanks to the profits earned with the coffee business, they bought a car to mobilize themselves and to transport the coffee from the farm to their home.

Unfortunately, her husband Belarmino died last year and María is in charge now of every farm duty such as supervising, hiring laborers and maintenance as needed.

Also, her son José Omar helps her with the cleaning of the farm, applying organic fertilizer and mowing the top of the coffee trees.

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