Jardines 134 hour EF2

Cherry cola, mango, yellow peach, blueberry

Suitable for:
Filter & Espresso



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Origin: Colombia


Region: Pijao,Quindio


Process: Dry Aerobic Fermentation


Tasting Notes: Cherry cola, mango, yellow peach, blueberry


Coffee Story: This micro-lot was grown by Felipe Arcila at Jardines del Eden where it was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation for 24 hours. The coffee was then moved inside grain pro bags for 60 hours maintaining a temperature below 22 degrees celsius. Temperature was controlled by placing the coffee inside a water tank. This coffee was then moved onto drying beds to achieve an 18% moisture rating and then again placed inside grain pro bags for 50 hours. A return trip to the drying beds after this resulted in a 10.5% moisture content with in the coffee beans.


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Additional information

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