Las Cotorras

Chocolate, dried fruit


With a rotation of your favourites single origins and blends, sourced, roasted and transformed into a tasty magic powder right at the Wolff Haus. This is the perfect companion for camping, travelling or that lazy morning.


Just follow the instructions on the jar and enjoy a delicious Wolff Coffee with no fuzz, you just need a cup and hot water.


Origin: Mexico


Region: Chaipas


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, dried fruit


Coffee Story: A coffee named after the magnificent birds of the El Triunfo Biosphere, Las Cotorras represents the very last of the Central American cloud forests. Here, condensation is naturally trapped by the forest, sustaining a large amount of animal and plants species. It is in this area that you can witness the juxtaposition of southern and northern species, which are attracted to the area’s natural richness.

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