Rwanda Phillipe Sinoyobe Jujube, cola, bergamot Suitable for: Espresso & Filter



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Origin: Rwanda


Region: Huye


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Jujube, cola, bergamot


Coffee Story: It is extremely rare to get a coffee that is traceable back to a single producer in Rwanda. Most of the coffees from Rwanda are traceable back to a washing station or sometimes a farmer group, so we feel extremely fortunate to share this special lot from Philippe Sinoyobye. Philippe’s farm sits at 1800 meters in the lush, green hills of Rwanda’s Southern Province. The farm is managed by Philippe with the help of his wife Angelique and a number of seasonal workers who help during the coffee harvest. The farm is only 0.7 hectares with 2000 coffee trees, which is actually double the size of the average coffee farm in Rwanda. Philippe has won the Cup of Excellence 6 times, a remarkable achievement and testament to how special this coffee is.


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