Auromar Firestone Geisha

Peach nectar, lemongrass, violet

Suitable for:
Espresso & Filter



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Origin: Panama


Region: Santa Clara


Tasting Notes: Peach nectar, lemongrass, violet


Coffee Story: Panama Auromar Geisha is an amazing coffee. It is so good that the farm won the Best of Panama competition this year with another lot of this same grade Firestone coffee. Located in the Santa Clara area of Panama, Auromar is perfectly positioned to grow incredible, world-class coffee. The Pacific Ocean adds to the ideal environment with localised rain, microorganisms and nutrient-rich, volcanic soil from nearby Volcán Barú. To a large extent, the farm is wild with large trees and bushes to enhance biodiversity and provide shade. All this combines to create a unique microclimate with an exquisite terroir. The coffee is processed in different ways depending on the stages of the harvest and desired outcome of the flavour profile. The coffee is dried only on patios, African beds or in a vertical dryer to preserve the terroir and geisha characteristics. The coffee goes through two rounds of manual selection and rests for six weeks for the best flavour.


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