Mexico Santuario Sugar plum, grape, lavender Suitable for: Filter & Espresso



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Origin: Mexico


Region: Veracruz


Process: Purple Honey


Tasting Notes: Sugar plum, grape, lavender


Coffee Story: Mexico Santuario is a rare gem! It comes from a unique region in Veracruz where the old, and extremely tall Zempoalehuatl trees still exist. The coffee cherries are harvested when the sugar concentration is just beyond 25 Brix’s to increase sweetness, then soaked in water for 8 hours. The coffee cherries are de-pulped, leaving 75% of the mucilage on, then aerobically fermented for 14 hours. From there the cherries are dried on raised African beds for 18 days, then transferred to a shady spot to stabilize the humidity of the coffee for 6 days. This attention to detail has resulted in an incredible coffee you will want to keep drinking!


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