Ethiopia Tarkegn Gutu Vanilla, raspberry, lemonade Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Yirgacheffe


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Vanilla, raspberry, lemonade


Coffee Story: Gutu Birre was born into a coffee farming family and grew up helping his father on the farm. In accordance with Gedeo tradition, he was given one hectare of land as a wedding gift from his family when he married in 1960. Sixty years later Gutu has grown the farm from that initial hectare to 4.8 hectares alongside his son Tarekegn Gutu who has also joined the coffee farming business. Their coffee production system is characterised by coffee trees grown near the home, under light shade from perennial trees. The high altitude, superior coffee varieties, fastidious coffee processing and the local climate is the perfect storm for this exceptional, world-class coffee.


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