Mensur Aba Hikum

White nectarine, butter, mandarin

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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Jimma


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: White nectarine, butter, mandarin


Coffee Story: This coffee is one of many lots we have sourced from Ethiopia in partnership with Condesa and Getu Bekele. Getu is one of the important leaders in the Ethiopian coffee industry, and has his own export business which was founded to support single producers, co-operatives, and washing stations to source high-quality and traceable coffees in a sustainable way, while ensuring each producer receives a larger percentage of profits. Historically, some of the best coffee in the world has been anonymous, with farmers being paid very little for their small offerings, and no incentive and limited ability to improve their crop. With people like Getu in the industry, now that is changing, and we see the astronomical potential of Ethiopian coffee in lots like this, where Dom ran over to me while trying it on the espresso machine saying “you gotta try this” – now you gotta try it too!


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