Rwanda  Koakaka Muganza Brown sugar, golden kiwi, black genoa fig Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Rwanda


Region: Nyamagabe


Process: Washed


Notes: Brown sugar, golden kiwi, black genoa fig


Coffee Story: This coffee was processed using the washed processing method at the Muganza Washing Station, using natural spring water from the surrounding mountains.

• During the harvest, cherries are delivered daily to the Muganza Washing Station via foot, bicycle or driven by truck from a local pick-up point (they have 70 pick points in the surrounding area).

• On delivery, the cherries are inspected and sorted to ensure only the very ripest cherries are processed. After pulping the coffee is fermented overnight in tiled tanks (for 12–18 hours) without water and then graded again using floatation channels that sort the coffee by weight.

• The beans are then soaked in clean water for a further 14 hours, before being dried in the sun on raised screens (‘African beds’) for two weeks. During this period, the coffee is turned several times a day by hand to ensure the coffee dries evenly and consistently. It is also sorted constantly, with any defects removed.

• Once dry, the coffee beans are stored in parchment, in carefully labelled day lots, until they are ready for milling and export. The coffee is then sent to the Nyamagabe District (where Koakaka recently built a dry mill) and prepared for export.


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