Chania Oreti AB

Raspberry, jammy, mandarin

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Origin: Kenya


Region: Thika


Process: Washed


Notes: Raspberry, jammy, mandarin


Coffee Story: Harvesting coffee is all done carefully and deliberately by hand, selecting only the ripe, red cherries, and taking care not to damage any new growth. We do our own processing on the farms with most of our coffee beans going through ‘wet processing’. From the farms the dry, ‘parchment coffee’ is transported to a coffee mill for hulling, polishing, grading, and bagging for auction.

Women are also generally considered more dexterous at harvesting than men, but the work is slow and tiring and takes a considerable amount of dedication. The farms have a permanent labour force of 40 people. The majority are housed on the Estates, and several are families into their second and third generation as employees. During busy periods seasonal and daily labour are enrolled as required. This can be as many as 300 people, all who live locally and many of whom are part of the extended family of permanent employees. Harvesting of ripe coffee is performed on a task rate basis based on volume. All employees have freedom of association, and there is a self-elected workers committee who meet monthly to raise and discuss social, welfare, safety and health matters. The farms employ a nursery school teacher, and the Social Hall at Chania, equipped with darts board and television, doubles as a nursery school during the day. More recently we built a ‘homework room’ to provide a place with electric light at night for the older children of our employees to study.


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