El Salvador  Las Quebradas Gold Edition Blackcurrant, blackberry, chocolate Suitable for:



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Origin: El Salvador


Region: Chalatenango


Process: Fully Washed


Notes: Blackcurrant, blackberry, chocolate


Coffee Story: El Salvador has been able to capitalize on its reputation for a variety of, well, varieties: Old stock Typica and Bourbon, the local dwarf-Bourbon mutation Pacas, as well as the Salvadoran-created hybrid Pacamara (a mix of Pacas and Maragogype, a large-bean-size coffee plant), have allowed growers to differentiate by marketing individual varieties of coffee, emphasizing the genetics of the fruit itself, like fine single-varietal wines.

Rosendo Recinos Flores has a 1.5-hectare farm located in Chalatenango, El Salvador. He hand-picks ripe cherry very selectively, depulps the coffee the same day, and places it on raised beds to dry. Depending on the weather, drying can take 12–15 days. Parchment coffee is stored in a warehouse until being moved by mule to a pickup area, then driven in a pickup to Cafe Imports’ collection point in Chalate, where it’s sent off to the dry mill to be sorted, hulled, and bagged.


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