El Salvador
La Mina De Willy

Chocolate, orange, caramel

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Origin: El Salvador


Region: Chalatenango


Process: Natural


Notes: Chocolate, orange, caramel


Coffee Story: El Salvador has been able to capitalize on its reputation for a variety of, well, varieties: Old stock Typica and Bourbon, the local dwarf-Bourbon mutation Pacas, as well as the Salvadoran-created hybrid Pacamara (a mix of Pacas and Maragogype, a large-bean-size coffee plant), have allowed growers to differentiate by marketing individual varieties of coffee, emphasizing the genetics of the fruit itself, like fine single-varietal wines.

Unfortunately, one of the things that has set El Salvador apart as a coffee producer over the past 20 years is also what’s made it very vulnerable: Those famous varieties, often grown in monoculture, are especially susceptible to coffee-leaf rust. Bourbon, in particular, is not hardy enough to battle the disease, and as Pacas and Pacamara both spring from Bourbon genetics, the country’s crops have suffered under the latest outbreak of coffee-leaf rust in the 2010s, causing both quality and yield to fall.


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