Ecuador Lugmapata Pache Floral, blueberry, brown sugar Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Ecuador


Region: Pallatanga, Chimborazo


Process: Washed


Notes: Floral, blueberry, brown sugar


Coffee Story: PACHE – A natural mutation of the Typica variety related to a single gene that causes the plant to grow smaller (dwarfism), allowing it to be planted more densely.
From there it was selected by mass selection, meaning that a group of individuals are selected based on their superior performance, seed from these plants is bulked to form a new generation, and then the process is repeated. Mass selection took place across private farms in Guatemala, and from there, spread to other regions and countries.

For over 100 years the Merino Family has owned the land Finca Lugmapata stands on. Named after a fruit Enrique, the farmer, loved to eat when growing up. The farm was inspired by his childhood memories and so is his coffee.

The specialty coffee journey of this once upon a time cattle farm began 5 years ago from 7,000 Sidra and Typica Mejorado trees planted by Enrique. This farm is now a full family business ran by Enrique, his sister Rosio and his nephew Roberto.

This farm is well on its way to become a 60 hectare specialty coffee farm. The Merino’s wouldn’t change this farm and coffee for anything…and tasting the final product, neither would we.

We promise that neither will you.


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