Juana Mamani

Macadamia, candied orange, red apple

Suitable for:
Espresso & Filter



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Origin: Bolivia


Region: Caranavi


Process: Washed


Notes: Macadamia, candied orange, red apple


Coffee Story: This coffee was processed by the dynamic team of Juana and Juan Carlos Mamani, a family renown throughout the region for the coffee they grow and the impact they’ve had on specialty coffee production within their community.


Juana Mamani is a first-generation coffee farmer. She bought her six-hectare coffee farm when she was just 16 years old after working nearby on her sister’s farm for five years – long enough to save up to buy her own plot. At 23 she went on to win second place in Bolivia’s Cup of Excellence 2007 with a score of 90.78.


Juana and Juan are members of one of the most influential coffee farming families in Bolivia. Mamani is a very common name throughout Bolivia, but in this case, we refer to family members Mauricio, Nolberto, René, and of course, Juana and Juan.


When Juana and the extended Mamani family first got into coffee, they would sell it to the local market as wet parchment – known locally as café en mote. But over the last decade (since the arrival of the Cup of Excellence), the entire family has focused on producing specialty coffee. They have been working closely with their neighbours to institute better agricultural practices to improve coffee quality around the settlement of Uchumachi, where they are based. The family processes their coffee at their own wet-milling and drying before selling the coffee in parchment to our export partners, Agricafe.


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