Rwanda Sovu Orange, gooseberry, lingering caramel finish Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Ethiopia


Process: Washed


Notes: Orange, gooseberry, lingering caramel finish


Coffee Story: Sometimes when we drink our morning coffee, it’s easy to get a little distracted. The sheer joy and deliciousness in the cup can easily remove us from something we try to remind ourselves of often at GHT: That coffee is a reflection of the place, people, and time in which it is produced. In its native Kinyarwanda language, Maraba is called Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa, which translates to ‘Together we work the coffee’. This may sound like a “nice slogan”, but a quick look at Marabas history reveals it is so much more.

In 1994 civil war and genocide tore through Rwanda cleaving an already fragile division into two very broken and seemingly irreconcilable parts. Much of Rwanda is still dealing and living with the aftermath of this horror every day. These scars will never disappear but with time and the efforts of initiatives and Cooperatives like Maraba they are forging a new path, one of hope and possibility. The Sovu washing station operating under the Maraba co-op umbrella succeeds in supporting its members with financial management workshops, agronomy training, and access to affordable farming tools as well as organic tools and fertilizers.

Support here extends far beyond coffee production with members being offered access to a number of services including financial support for school fees, health services, and loan facilities for housing and farming equipment. Things really are looking better every day- plus, not only will a sip of this spro leave you feeling good, but it also tastes really, really good!


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