Papua New Guinea Kepai Red apple, blackcurrant, milk chocolate Suitable for: Filter & Espresso



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Country: Papua New Guinea


Region: Simbu


Process: Washed


Notes: Red apple, blackcurrant, milk chocolate


Coffee Story: Our Papua New Guinea Kepai is grown up, up and away in the PNG highlands region by local Kepai villagers. An extremely high premium is paid for this coffee which we consider a healthy reward for farmers’ commitment to producing their very best cherries.

The name ‘Kepai’ refers to an area located some 10km south-west of the Kongo factory. Kepai villages are located on ridges approximately 1700 MASL and access to main roads can be extremely difficult and certainly not for the faint-hearted! While the output of the area is relatively low in terms of coffee production, cherries remain the most important cash-generating crop for the region’s community.

Our work in PNG is a passionate area of growth for us at Rumble. While the country’s climate is wonderful and we’ve always believed that PNG offers some of the best-tasting coffee in the world, problems with infrastructure and assistance to farmers can make it hard to access great coffee. We’re on a mission to change the fact that most coffee is exported from PNG to big multinational companies at a very low price. Not on our watch!

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