Ecuador El Ahuaca cacao nibs, malt Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Ecuador


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Cacao nibs and malt


Coffee Story: A washed processed coffee from the province of Loja, in south Ecuador. El Ahuaca is farmed by several small-scale farmers throughout Puyango and Calvas, two well known coffee districts . This Coffee is named after an isolated granite mountain called Cerro El Ahuaca. This mountain is covered with trees, mosses and lichen that capture the humidity in the air and condense it into water, creating a very unique and ideal growing environment for the surrounding regions. Both Puyango and Calvas sit between 1,600-1,900masl. The farmers throughout this region focus heavily on quality over quantity and this coffee is no exception. This coffee has been roasted for both espresso and filter. Brew however you like for a rich, full-bodied cup with flavours of cacao nibs and malt.


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