Sitio Canaa

Red apple, dark chocolate

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Origin: Brazil


Region: Bahia


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Red apple, dark chocolate


Coffee Story: A pulped natural Arara varietal from the Bahia region.


Sitio Canaã (“The Promised Land”) is a small farm just outside of the town of Piatã owned by Kleumon Silva Moreira. Kleumon, at only 28 years old, represents the next generation of coffee farmers in the region. In 2016, with the guidance of Antônio Rigno (owner of the farm Sao Judas – our current filter coffee in the Classic category), Kleumon purchased his own 10-hectare plot of land.


Piatã is a high-altitude region – some areas reaching 1400 metres above sea level, resulting in some of the most prized coffees currently being produced in Brazil. Sitio Canaã is a wonderful example of high-quality and nuanced Brazillian coffee.


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