Bolivia Sol de la Mañana Nectarine, hazelnut praline Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Bolivia


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Nectarine, hazelnut praline


Coffee Story: A washed processed micro-lot from the Caranavi province in Bolivia. This coffee is made up of single-day lots from 7 farmers that are part of Sol de la Mañana; a program that is dedicated to improving small scale coffee production in Bolivia. These producers are some of the best in Bolivia and have been selected to participate in the program based on their commitment to quality. This Caturra varietal coffee was hand-picked at an elevation of 1,500-1,700masl and processed at the Rodriguez family’s Buena Vista Mill. Here, it was pulped and dry fermented before being washed and placed inside a ‘stationary box’ dryer for 48 hours. These boxes are a series of steel containers which use a gentle flow of warm air from below the coffee bed to dry the parchment slowly and evenly. Once the coffee had been dried, it was transported to Agricafe’s dry mill for further processing. We’ve roasted this coffee for filter to highlight its vibrant stone fruit acidity and complex sweetness.


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