La Llama

Tropical fruit, musk stick

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Origin: Bolivia


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Flavours, tropical fruit, musk stick


Coffee Story:  This coffee truely is something special and we’re so excited to release it to you!
A cocoa natural processed coffee made up of 100% caturra. Finca La Llama is a small farm owned by the Rodriguez family, which lies in a lush, steep mountain valley in the Caranavi Provence. Once this coffee is handpicked, it is gently washed and laid out to dry on raised African beds and turned every hour for about a week. This coffee is then placed in a cocoa dryer, which had never been seen in coffee processing before. This added step slows down fermentation, creating a consistently sweet and complex cup.


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This coffee will be roasted fresh. Red Brick Coffee roasts every Monday and Wednesday and dispatch Tuesday and Thursday.

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