Rwanda Karambi Strawberry mousse, sticky toffee, chocolate Suitable for: Espresso



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Beans From: Rwanda


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Strawberry mousse, sticky toffee, chocolate


Coffee Story: In the cup: This filter brew is the palate equivalent of holding a baby bird. It’s soft, warming and comforting. A strawberry mousse rolls in like a gentle wave, seamlessly transitioning to a decadent sticky toffee and milk chocolate finish.

A station icon: Bordering the Nyungwe Forest National Park in the western province of Rwanda, the Karambi washing station was built in 2016 and remains the sole station built from the ground up by Rwacof.

Rwacof: Operating 30 washing stations, the investment Rwacof has made in the coffee sector has been vast and extends beyond the physical. From yield improvements and agricultural practices to farmer training and conservation tactics.

Through partnerships with the London School of Economics, farmers can access loans, farm inputs and services. This and a new soil health initiative provide farmers with equipment and resources such as lime, fertiliser and soil analysis. They also provide ongoing education and training—the how, why and where we use ‘what’ to improve soil quality. This drives a healthier ecosystem, higher yields, and better coffee. Additional support provides up to 4 million seedlings annually to help revive farmers’ rootstock.


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