Ethiopia Uraga Smallholders Sweet toffee, floral red cherry Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Uraga


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Sweet toffee, floral red cherry


Coffee Story: In the cup: A delicate mouthfeel that is sweet and smooth with fresh citric acidity. This washed heirloom is just a little more syrupy and has just a touch more body than often found in filters of this style. This combined with a little bit more of a lighter brew really help this coffee sing. We like this brew simply poured with minimal agitation, one small break and a ratio of 1:16.6.

The producer: This delicious washed Ethiopian coffee is brought to us from the smallholders of Uraga. Specialty coffees from Ethiopia are generally traceable to a washing station level, with this one hailing from the Terbe washing station in southern Ethiopia, located 3km from the surrounding Uraga in Guji’s Oromia district of Ethiopia. Smallholder farmers from this region often own as little as 1/8 of a hectare of land and deliver cherry by weight to receive payment at a market rate.

Process: The coffee is de-pulped on the same day, fermented overnight, before being washed clean and dried on raised beds. Typically drying takes between 8-15 days to fully dry coffees under the sun to the desired moisture level. In this crazy world of ‘experimental processes’ this and ‘infused coffee’ that, it’s nice to showcase a coffee that stands on its own—simply produced and simply brewed with nowhere to hide.

Whether you’re new to filter or a seasoned sipper, it’s coffees like this that have sparked the rapid growth in filter popularity. Light, floral, and clean.


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