Colombia Smallholders Blackcurrent, plum, rhubarb Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Colombia


Process: Washed


Tasting Notes: Blackcurrent, plum, rhubarb


Coffee Story: A change for good: This coffee is part of the change for good coming out of a region that has seen decades of bad. Buesaco suffered for many years under the control of FARC guerillas with the municipality’s extreme remoteness limiting government support and intervention. This, as well as the favourable growing conditions for illegal asset-producing crops like opium, created ideal criminal operating centers. It was not until 2010 that the guerillas were finally forced out and Bueseco could become a safe haven for its community and its people and flourish into one of the world’s best-regarded coffee regions

The region: In many parts of Colombia, farmers are blessed with two harvest periods, but due to Narino’s unique geography, it typically only receives one flowering period per year. A single continuous wet season is followed by a dry season. This is not ideal for farmers and causes some quantitative strain and as a result farmers are forced to diversify their crops. Alongside coffee, crops such as plantains and fique (for production of a textile or rope) are often grown.


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