Colombia Smallholders Strawberry jam, nectarine, chinotto Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Colombia


Process: Honey


Tasting Notes: Strawberry jam, nectarine, chinotto


Coffee Story: In the cup: Complex and distinct, with a silky mouthfeel and medium body, this coffee is bright and fruit-filled with a resonate hibiscus tea and a long floral finish.

The Producers: This lot has been grown and produced by 8 small independent farmers, each of whom owns small farms around the township of Aponte in North-Western Narino.

Aponte is home to the indigenous Inga people, and to this day, Aponte continues to operate as an Inga reserve independent from the Colombian government. The local language, a pre-colonial dialect derived from Quechua, remains preserved and is spoken in the streets. In native Inga society, there is not a strong sense of individual ownership, so farms are often owned and maintained by the community as a whole instead of by a single individual.


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