Burundi Gakenke Marmalade, spice, toffee Suitable for: Filter



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Beans From: Burundi


Tasting Notes: Marmalade, spice, toffee


Coffee Story: In the cup: Delicate aromas of fresh mandarin dance off the brew, with notes of clear, lightly spiced marmalade and a gentle, light toffee finish. Something to watch for in this brew is how delicate and clean it is and how consistent the flavour is from beginning to end. Sparkling and clean, we are blown away by this washed smallholder’s lot from Burundi.

Why is it called that? The Bundurian people are well known for being welcoming and super hospitable. As in many cultures (including our own), this usually means a good time with some mates and a few drinks. For Bundurians, with their abundance of banana trees, it’s home-brewed beers all around, sharing that delicious sweet nectar known as Urwagwa. A clay pot called an intango is passed around, and communities and guests enjoy sips from small straws known as imikenke from which Gakenke derives its name.

Small but mighty: Produced in Kayanza–2600 produces cultivate and farm micro-farms, which are usually only around 0.06 hectares. One possible insight into this coffee’s incredible clarity in the cup is its extraordinarily tight topographical harvest range, between just 1672masl and 1700masl.

GAP: Good agricultural practices ensure producers are trained with a particular focus on farm management, pruning, impacts of climate change, and organic fertilizers and munching. Financial advice is also provided, emphasising developing financial literacy for self-managed businesses.

Proudly supported by GreenCo: Greenco provides invaluable support through cultivating and distributing juvenile coffee plants to locals. They complement this with education and resources to better help and support the delicate ecosystems in which farmers live and work. GreenCo believes in a better future for future generations through coffee–working with 44000 certified farmers. With a particular focus on soil erosion, water drainage, river protection, and waste management plans, GreenCo’s passion positively impacts more than 240,000 Burundians through coffee.


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