La Venus

Juicy mandarin, perfumed rosé, fairy floss zooper

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Origin: Nicaragua


Region: Jinotega


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Juicy mandarin, perfumed rosé, fairy floss zooper


Coffee Story: In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex and beauty. La Venus is a cheeky little micro lot named in her honour, made up of 100% Java, a varietal rarely produced in Nicaragua. We think it’s the perfect coffee to celebrate the decadence and exuberance of everyone’s favourite goddess. Venus is naturally processed by encouraging the fermentation of only the ripest coffee cherries, drying them on raised beds and allowing the development of rich and complex flavours to permeate into the beans. La Venus oozes notes of juicy mandarin, perfumed rosé, and fairy floss zooper doopers. This coffee was sourced from Nicaraguan partners and imported by the legends at Caravela.


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