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Timor Leste

Almond praline, green apple, honey

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Origin: Timor-Leste


Region: Letefoho, Ermera


Notes: Almond praline, green apple, honey


Process: Washed


Coffee Story: Dimtu farmer group is located in the Eratoi neighborhood and part the Dukurai village community. The group is led by Carlota de Deus and Simiao Pedro de Deus, who also is a lead field officer coordinating cherry delivery to the Lutlala processing station. Simiao is a highly respected figure in the community and a skilled producer, as evidenced by his placement in the top-10 best of harvest Timor 2019 competition. He also acts as a lead farmer, educating others on best practices; and as a quality officer, checking for consistency and moisture of small-holder produced parchment.


Village lots are processed to dry parchment at the individual farmer level. Meaning each family harvests and processes their own cherry, utilizing traditional locally made gum-wood and hammered tin pulpers, fermenting in buckets or bags for 36 hours, and drying on tarpaulins. The Dimtu group has 26 members and their households. Coffee is the primary source of income for the year, often supplemented by local sale of vegetables such as beans, corn, garlic, and greens.


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