Chocolate, nutty, medium bodied


Composing 9 small farms part of the Núcleo de Gestión de San Fermín project The names of the farms are: Las Delicias, El Brilliante, Los Recuerdos, La Fortuna, La Esmeralda, Los Espejos, El Vidal and two farms that are called El Ventilador.


Region: Tolima

Town: Village of Planadas

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Typica

Process: Washed


20 GRAMS =10 cups* Dissolve in cold or hot water off the boil.

*2 grams (a heap teaspoon) to 200ml Adjust ratio to your strength preference

TIP: Try it as a cold milky by dissolving 2 grams in30ml of water then top it up with cold milk!

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