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Almonds, orange marmalade, chocolate toffee

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Size: 300g


Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia


Tasting Notes: Almonds, orange marmalade, chocolate toffee


Coffee Story: As you know, Light Coffee have always only roasted single origins from the start, but they’ve been secretly working in the background on an espresso blend for the longest time! Since February this year they’ve decided they were going to do a special release: instead of taking in lower quality coffee, they have decided to combine two delicious coffees that stands beautifully on their own as a singles origin espresso, and by coming together, creating a delicious new profile.


Light Coffee have been roasting the floral and lingering WUSH WUSH as a filter profile, as well as offering it as an syrupy single origin espresso. Where the PLANADAS is well balanced and structured single espresso with a delicious chocolate body.  As a blend you can expect almonds, orange marmalade, sweet chocolate toffee that has a long lingering finish… Yummy!


For the blend, for each coffee they have created different roasting profile to their single espresso offering: roasting them separately,  individually modifying the profile until two different coffee’s solubility extraction came to an 1percent variance to insure after roast post blending, the coffees are consistent as a whole for extraction on your espresso bar.


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Please note that Light Coffee roast all your coffee fresh on Monday and dispatch Wednesday/Thursday.

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