Macaube Be Baixo

Cherry, brown sugar, almond

Suitable for:
Espresso & Filter





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Size: 250g


Origin: Brazil


Region: Cerrado Mineiro


Process: Natural


Notes: Cherry, brown sugar, almond


Coffee Story: Dimas Alves de Almeida grows coffee in the region of Cerrado Mineiro, part of the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. The region is the first in Brazil to have been granted a protected designation of origin certificate, similar to Champagne or Scotch whisky. To qualify for the title ‘Cerrado’, the coffees must be speciality grade (80+) and grown above 800 masl in the Cerrado Mineiro region. The 4500 producers of the Cerrado region produces 5 million bags of coffee a year, from 210,000 hectares of coffee growing lands. Most of the lands here are of quite low altitude compared to most of the coffee we buy here at La Cabra, and are more flat, rather than on more mountainous terrain. This leads to many farmers using mechanical picking methods, something Dimas was keen to stay away from.


He handpicks his 12 hectares of land, only utilising the ripest cherries. This year the harvest was of very high quality, ripening at a very similar time as opposed to in phases. This led to a lack of space on the drying tables, so the layers of cherry were slightly thicker than he would like. This meant that the drying time was slightly longer than normal, so Dimas had to turn the cherry more often to avoid over-fermentation, and keep a clean and even fermentation. This leads to a clean natural character in the cup, with a high sweetness reminiscent of marzipan and a round body, reminiscent of a creamy liqueur.


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