Papua New Guinea Moanti Washed Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Papua New Guinea


Region: Eastern Highlands, Henganofi District


Process: Washed


Coffee Story: The Moanti smallholder network is named after the person who started buying parchment in 2011 and sold her first coffee to Monpi Coffee Exports: Mrs. Moanti Ise. She started like many others in the highlands, at the smallest possible level with one scale to purchase parchment at the side of a road. Her commitment and entrepreneurial skills elevated the supply chain quickly to more than 200 committed farmers that sold coffee to her. Mrs. Moanti Ise managed to deliver regularly to Monpi. Her deliveries stood out in frequency and a consistent quality. And of course this peaked the interest of Monpi and SMS-PNG. This was the start of a productive collaboration.


All coffee is hand-picked with family labour. There are no central wet mills in the area, and this means each farmer has a small hand pulper (or hand pulpers are shared) and coffee is dried and stored at the homestead. In 2016 SMS-PNG started an initiative with a select few farmers to elevate the quality levels and production efforts to even higher levels. Our ambition is to work intensively with a small group of farmers that transform their gardens to best-practice model plots and together with SMS go through all harvesting and post-harvest processes. This literally means SMS is on site, working alongside the farmer during the harvest and processing periods to teach, coach, support and document all activities. This project serves not only to create a few small lots of exceptional quality and with fully documented traceability; it is also meant to inspire farmers to improve their practices. Tis project allows farmers to showcase what an exceptional lot of coffee can do on the international specialty market and what this means for the farmer in terms of their reputation as a coffee supplier. Ultimately, accessing these specialty markets and the added value of this coffee contributes significantly to farmer livelihoods. Our aspiration is to put Moanti and its specialty farmers on the global map of exceptional specialty lots.

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Additional information

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