Purple Rain Blend

Sweet, fruity, clean, strawberry jam, plum

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Origin: India, Colombia


Note: Sweet, fruity, clean, strawberry jam, plum


Coffee Story: Purple rain has been a long time coming for Josie Coffee. They had always envisioned this blend would be super sweet and fruity, showcasing some incredible coffees that they would be more than happy to use in their single origin lineup. They have combined two coffees that are close to their hearts, India Riverdale Estate – Aroma and Colombia, Jose Ramiro. They work closely with both of these farms with the help of their partners on the ground in both of these origins.


They have ongoing commitments to these projects and intent to work with these farms for the foreseeable future, which gives them ongoing access to incredible coffees and assists these farms with ongoing financial stability, which is a win win for them.


This blend is the most progressive of their blends, pushing incredible sweetness and moderate to high acidity, it is well suited to black coffees, but still very workable in milk. This blend is what they will generally run in their own coffee bar as it is a blend they feel showcases everything Josie Coffee represents as a coffee roaster.

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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. Josie Coffee will roast your coffee Monday-Friday and dispatch same day.

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