Isshu-Kan Ethiopia Mix Origin



Brew yourself quality coffee with minimal equipment with alternating single origins roasted by Stitch. You will receive a pack of 8/16 drip coffee bags featuring two different single origins selected by our roasters.

A great alternative to instant coffee, and an easy way to up your coffee game. Japan is leading the way in home brewing alternative s and we’re all onboard for better ways to bring great quality coffee to you.


What’s included in the Isshu-kan Coffee Drip Box;

  • 8x OR 16x Coffee Drip Bags (2x Isshu Kan 8 Pack)


A coffee drip bag for each day of the week;
(One Week: Issu-kan (いっしゅうかん – ー週間)

  • Monday: Getsuyôbi (げつようび – 月曜日)
  • Tuesday: Kayôbi (かようび – 火曜日)
  • Wednesday: Suiyôbi (すいようび – 水曜日)
  • Thursday: Mokuyôbi (もくようび – 木曜日)
  • Friday: Kinyôbi (きんようび – 金曜日)
  • Saturday: Doyôbi (どようび – 土曜日)
  • Sunday: Nichiyôbi (にちようび – 日曜日)
  • Last One: Saigoni (さいごに – 最後に)
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