Huckleberry – Burundi – Colline Ninga- 12oz


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Origin: Burundi


Region: Muramvya


Process: Washed


Notes: Apricot, sugar cokie, orange


Description: This is our fifth year working with the Long Miles Coffee Project in the Muramvya province of Burundi, and we couldn’t be happier to roast coffee from the Ninga hillside for four years running .


Burundi has produced coffee for quite some time, but the country’s progression towards producing high quality specialty coffee was interrupted in the 1990s and early 2000s by political unrest and ethnic violence spilling over the border from Rwanda, during and after that country’s genocide.  Despite this, and the challenges of being a poor, landlocked country, farmers from Burundi are successfully improving their coffee each and every year, and specialty coffee’s higher prices seem to have a major impact on quality of life in the country’s coffee growing regions. Moreover, we love the flavors of a great coffee from Burundi.


Colline Ninga is grown by small farmers in Bukeye area of the Muramvya province, and produced by the Long Miles Coffee Project.  Long Miles is a project founded by Ben Carlson, an American living in Burundi. Ben, upon seeing the difficulties Muramvya farmers faced, built several washing stations in the region, and has worked with area farmers to help them fetch better prices. By working with the farmers to develop stringent quality practices at the farm level, then washing and milling the coffee with meticulous care, ensure that the coffee is of the highest quality possible.  By working with Huckleberry and other roasters in advance of the harvest, the Long Miles Coffee Project is able to pay the farmers a higher price for their coffee than they would receive on the open market.


Ninga is a specific hillside community (colline is French for hill), and this coffee comes exclusively from the Long Miles farmers living on that hill.  We taste samples from different times in the harvest each year, and this washed lot, from the 35th day of harvest, was our absolute favorite. We don’t want to throw shade on our Gitwe lots – those are great, too – but this one is just super refreshing, clean, and bright.


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