Huckleberry – Blue Orchid Blend – 12oz


Please note we only deliver Huckleberry Coffee to the USA. If you want this coffee delivered to your country, let us know


Notes: Chocolate, Caramel


Beans From: Brazil, Colombia


Description: Blue Orchid is Huckleberry’s house espresso blend.  We serve this coffee every day in our cafes, and it is designed to be approachable, both as espresso and as a brewed coffee, with and without milk.  If you’ve ever had a great latte experience at one of Huckleberry’s cafes, Blue Orchid was the base.


While the Blue Orchid blend does change frequently, we try to maintain a sweet, full-bodied, chocolate and caramel flavor profile by using Central and South American coffees specifically chosen for those qualities.  This is great tasting comfort coffee, and is a well-rounded crowd pleaser, especially if some of that crowd likes cream in their cup, or is still making the transition from darker roast profiles into specialty coffee.   We love intense floral aromatics, but some mornings we just want the chocolate, toffee, and a bit of milk in our mug, and for those days, Blue Orchid is our go-to.


The current version of Blue Orchid is a blend of Brazil Serra Negra and a washed coffee grown by the ASOPEP cooperative in Colombia.


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