Mwendi Wega

Black tea, strawberry, soft lemony

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Origin: Kenya


Region: Kerugoya, kibingo, kirinyaga


Process: Washed


Notes: Black tea, strawberry, soft lemony


Coffee Story: Mwendi Wega is a processing facility located near the town of Kerugoya, in the Kibingo district of the Kirinyaga region in Kenya’s Central Valley. The processing facility is run by the local co-op Mwendi Wega Self Help Group, made up of small holder farmers from the surrounding areas.

Typically these farmers have plots of an acre or less. Most farmers plant bananas amongst the coffee, for additional income through out the year. The coffee cherry is hand picked once ripe, and delivered to the processing facility the same day. It is checked for quality and then blended with the rest of the days deliveries, before being processed using the washed method.


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