Tabe Burka

Fruit cake, rich caramel, sweet nectarine

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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Uraga, Guji


Process: Natural


Notes: Fruit cake, rich caramel, sweet nectarine


Coffee Story: Tabe Burka washing station was built in 2008 by Guji local Tadesse Edema. Tadesse is a leader within his community. He was among the first to build a washing station in the area, he has also built schools and roads as well as owning and operating two farms.


This coffee is made up from various small holder farms in Uraga delivering to Tabe Burka. The coffee cherry is selectively hand picked and meticulously sorted so that only the finest make the cup. The cherry is ‘floated’ to inspect for defects, under and over ripe cherry, then dried on raised beds until it reaches the optimum moisture level.


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