Whisky Aged Single Origin Rich, fruity, whisky Suitable for: Espresso



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Beans From: Colombia


Tasting Notes: Rich, fruity, whisky


Coffee Story:We have the privelidge of collaborating and sharing ideas with many creators, and through some of those conversations this came about. It started as a true experiment of “I wonder what will happen if we did this?” and the result blew us away – particularly as something we’d never tasted before, like a category we’d never tasted before. That big of a shift. Whether you like that taste or not, is up to you – and I’ll be honest, some definitely do not (it is whisky flavoured!). Some people however think its spectacularly awesome, wild and wonderful. One thing it definitely is, is unique!

If I’m going to describe the flavour – it carries the full-bodied character of its Colombian origin, heavily infused with a rich preserved fruit and fortified wine. For me, one of the most fascinating elements is the presence of all of the rich, fruity, whisky flavours and aromas, separated from the distinctive alcohol punch (which of course is not there at all). The aroma out of the bag is intoxicating – but rest assured, drinking it is not as there’s no alcohol in the finished product. Have fun!


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