Hatch – Brazil (Filter) – Icamiabas – 200g


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Origin: Brazil


Region: Matas de Minas


Process: Natural


Notes: Floral, watermelon, peach, herbal


Description: A coffee we obtained through auction with our partner Valley Coffee, this coffee is very unique due to its processing method- a natural and very controlled process.


“Icamiabas was beautifully produced by organic farm Klem Coffee. They processed their Catuai cherries in a very unique way: the cherries were handpicked very ripe and taken straight into the drying beds, where they dried slowly for two weeks. After this drying, the cherries were placed inside a big bag for moisture homogenization.


This organic coffee was harvested and dried directly with a very slow drying method, several positive fermentation process happening until reaching the ideal point humidity.”


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