Finca Momoto (Gesha)

Orange, guava, melon, rose, caramel

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Origin: Panama


Region: Santa Clara


Process: Natural


Tasting Notes: Orange, guava, melon, rose, caramel


Coffee Story: In recent years, Panama has become a heavyweight in the production of high grade coffee’s, such as the prized Gesha varietal. It is exciting for us to discover new up and coming farms, producing coffees of serious quality and delicacy, such as Finca Momoto.


Aliss Hartmann was raised on the infamous Hartmann specialty coffee farm, growing up there instilled with a passion for the coffee farm since she was little. As it turns out, the cherry doesn’t fall far from the tree. Aliss co-founded Finca Momoto in 2015, and has since started producing some serious coffees, showcasing her expertise in the industry. As well as expertly growing and processing her cherries at Finca Momoto, Aliss is an avid nature lover and conservationist.


Now we go to Luis Miranda, who was born and raised in Nicaragua, who also shares vivid memories of happiness and fun living at the farm as a young child. After running an organic farm and studying business in California, he returned to Panama to co-found Finca Momoto, pursuing his career as a coffee farmer.


This power duo have come together to bring us Finca Momoto. God’s Honest Truth have been patiently waiting, and have finally managed to get their hands on their FIRST harvest. It is their pleasure to have limited tins of this intensely fruit driven, floral bean. We hope you enjoy it!


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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. God’s Honest Truth will roast your coffee on Monday for blend and Tuesday for single origins, dispatch the following day.

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