Kenny Peaberry Spiced cola,citrus, browm sugar Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Kenya


Region: Ribai Kiambu


Tasting Notes: Spiced cola,citrus, browm sugar


Process: Washed


Coffee Story: This Kenyan peaberry really is a fun and surprising little package. What makes Kenya’s Kiambu county so unique are the naturally occurring geographic conditions that surround the area. Ribai experiences strong and reliable bimodal rainfall as well as an ideal temperate zone that ranges from between 16c to 26c. The trees here thrive in rich red volcanic soil that is well-draining and rich in minerals unique to the region.

Processing this coffee is done so simply and transparently: cherries are harvested at optimum ripeness, de-pulped, fermented overnight and then washed. The coffee is then soaked and placed on raised beds to dry.


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