Ethiopia Guji Uraga-Wine Process Lemon, green grape, blackberry Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Uraga, Guji


Process: Natural wine


Notes: Lemon, green grape, blackberry


Coffee Story: If you know your coffee, then you’ll certainly have tasted Ethiopian Guji and its distinctive notes of sweet ripe blueberries. This kind of classic natural is iconic of the region, and although beloved, many wondered where evolution in this region may lead. What we are now seeing are the first examples of this evolution. 2020 saw the introduction of anaerobic (oxygen-free) processing methods. Beginning at the sorting table, the best fully ripe cherries are separated from the rest and are tightly packed and sealed into special stainless-steel tanks. The fermentation process begins, and CO2 builds up. As pressure builds, a one-way valve allows water and CO2 to exit whilst restricting oxygen from re-entry. The resulting pressure forces the juicy mucilage flavours deep inside the coffee beans and is reflected in a colour change that occurs after 4-5 days. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee is dried slowly for 15-18 days on African drying beds in the full sun.


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