Costa Rica
Tirra Estate

Raspberry, passionfruit, warm spice, chocolate

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Origin: Costa Rica


Region: San Marcos, Tarrazu


Process: Natural


Notes: Raspberry, passionfruit, warm spice, chocolate


Coffee Story: For those of you who have been asking, it’s back! Last years funky fermented lots of the Tirra Estate natural’s blew minds across the country. GHT had to get it again. The ferment on this lot translates in the brew as a big sweet berry note, and it’s an easily acquired note too. However in search of perfection we have made custom brewing water to really open it up!


This coffee has a lower density than we are used to for filter, so it needs less heat through the first half of the roast than other coffees.


For this naturally processed coffee, GHT aim for a slightly longer roast coming out at just under 11min with around a 12% development time ratio.


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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. God’s Honest Truth will roast your coffee on Monday for blend and Tuesday for single origins, dispatch the following day.

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Additional information

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