Costa Rica
Dota Tarrazu

Sticky date, blackcurrant, warm spices, brown sugar

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Origin: Costa Rica


Region: Santa Maria


Process: Washed


Notes: Sticky date, blackcurrant, warm spices, brown sugar


Coffee Story: Located in the famed, lush green hills of the Tarrazú region, the tranquil town of Santa Maria de Dota is home to Coopedota. The cooperative operates as an important economic and cultural resource for the town’s tight-knit community whose main industry is centralised around coffee production. At altitudes between 1,450 and 1,900 metres above sea level, the main micro-climate in the area is strongly influenced by the pacific-ocean and near-by natural reserves drawing in rainfall.


Coopedota hailed as the first coffee producer and roastery to be CO2 neutral certified in the world. They are paving the way for sustainable coffee production of the future. Not only by reducing and offsetting their emissions but also being actively involved in their community.


A common issue discussed throughout coffee is the ageing demographic of its producers. In an attempt to encourage the younger generations to engage in coffee and farming, Coopedota now have a coffee school. This school focuses not only on the fundamentals of coffee production knowledge but also barista training; which is now trending in Costa Rica.


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